“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” — Nelson Mandela.
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With the team at Stratogon, we did a few projects for Lego. The first was a photo and video editing software. The companion camera allowed kids to shoot an upload pictures and video.

This Lego photo/video editor was a hyper challenge, but unbelievably fun! As the project manager, I was responsible for resource management, budget negotiations, client communication, invoicing, meetings….. The requirements gathering was really important on this project. My team and I spent days walking through wireframes, button designs, and UX, which was our biggest challenge.

How can we arrange a massive 500+ buttons into an easy to use interface? Short answer, is we went with a menu, inside a menu idea. I was so proud of my team, and the work we did. The project was delivered in 8 weeks. Lego was over the moon with it.  

The second was a different kind of toy camera. These cameras only allowed the kids to take pictures and upload them to their computers. Together, with Digital Blue, we produced not only the Bionicle camera, but one for the WWE and Bakugan. On these, I actually was the PM and graphic designer!  

The final project was skins for the Winamp media player. Unfortunately, like Marty McFly, those are lost in time.

The last two projects were very straightforward. I lead all the design and requirements meetings, and interfaced with the client. These projects ran between 2 – 4 weeks. 


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