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Liang Zhu

Liang Zhu

Many Asian themed slot games are based on famous Chinese Tales, and Liang Zhu I Loved Her Twice is based on the tale of a beautiful girl who is forced to dress as a boy so that she can attend school. Here she falls in love with Liang Shanbo, but to fulfill her love she faces the dilemma of revealing her true identity to him. She chooses to reveal herself, and Liang reciprocates her love. However, the pair are forced apart when Zhu’s parents force her into an arranged marriage. Liang, heartbroken, then dies and Zhu dies shortly after, on the day of her arranged wedding. Their spirits then turn into butterflies before they fly away to be together forever.

It’s certainly a lovely tale on which to base a slot game, and you’ll certainly quickly fall in love with the chance to enjoy 5 reels and 50 pay-lines which are packed full of themed prize symbols. You can also enjoy a Super Stacks Feature, a Collection Bonus, and A Pick Initiation Feature in which you can win total-bet multipliers and free spins.


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