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NYC Wingwoman

NYC Wingwoman

Cher, the owner of NYC Wingwowan, is my favorite person! This project came about in Cher’s hour of need.

Cher: Matt, I’m in LA, I have a meeting in 3 days…My web guy has let me down. I can’t reach him. I need to make edits to my site, and my logo isn’t correct, I’m panicking, can you help?? 

Me: Of course I can!

Once I reviewed Cher’s site, I could definitely see it needed a large amount of love. I proposed we start from scratch. This meant a brand new logo and a new site. Cher was nervous, to say the least, but she trusted me!

Working around the clock, we gathered her content and mapped out the design of her new site. We went from a site that aged you 4 years by the time you reached the bottom, to a clean, professional-looking site.

Then, we designed her a brand new logo.The new logo went through many iterations, some are shown here. She chose the first image with the feathered backdrop


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