“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” — Nelson Mandela.
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If you like your men to be tall, rich and handsome – then you’re about to find yourself spoiled for choice in “Tall, Rich and Handsome” the slot game from High 5 Gaming based on the popular Chinese expression. Better still, you can even end up being rich yourself as you can win prizes for meeting all sorts of tall, rich and handsome men including a pilot, musician and a doctor.


Created in 2015, Mikka is an unreleased project by Giant Fox Studios. The title was produced for a private client and made it to the alpha stage. Until now, she never shared her wide-eyed smile with the world, and I am delighted to say that isn’t the case anymore! The idea behind the game is to provide a younger audience with information about how to smartly make investments.

Hollywood Domino Trivia

Live trivia games are really picking up steam! So, what does one do when you have a successfully celebrity endorsed trivia game? You bring it to the digital world of course! Development ran from 2015 - 2016 but was ultimately canceled. Like many teams, we were challenged and grateful for the experience, but saddened it didn't raise the funding it deserved.


In Toadled, you play as a toad (spoiler alert!). The object of the game is to eat everything in sight. Doing so evolves your toad and earns you points. Over time, your toad’s evolutions become hilarious. From a tiny today to a ridiculous 3-headed beast Toadled is a game that’ll eat you alive! Grab it now on Steam.

All Booked UP

All Booked Up is a high score challenge game with the opportunity to score real prizes like free hotel stays and gift cards! As a hotel manager, you are tasked with booking as many rooms as you can to maximize your hotel’s revenue – that’s how you promote to bigger hotels in new cities. But beware, if you answer phones and cannot book the guests, you’ll be looking for a new gig!